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kitsunedancer's Journal

Katarina Saito
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Full Name: Katarina Saito

Nickname(s): Kit, Kit-kat, Foxy

Age: 24

Race: Kitsune (Lycanthrope - Fox)

Physical Description: 5'7" (5'10" in heels). Her long black hair falls to just past her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes are slightly almond shaped. When she smiles you can normally catch a hint of fang just past her full lips. She normally dresses in a way that shows off her curves and her long legs.

PB: Rose McGowan

Personality: A sweet girl with a sharp tounge at times, she tends to be a little on the blunt side when she feel she has to.

Likes: Sushi, Swords, Dancing, Flirting, Silk, Any music with a good beat

Dislikes: Perverts, Snakes, Snobs

History: Born in Chicago, Katarina lived the privleged life of a daddys girl because her mother passed away when she was born. Upon finishing High School she went to study abrod in Japan to learn more about her fathers heriatge, where she was first bitten by a kitsune. Finishing school, she headed back to find her father could tell she was 'cursed' and kicked her out of his home. Now she comes to St. Louis to start over, as a waitress/dancer 'Oni Kanmu' (Sweet Demon Dreams) a club that caters to eastern supernaturals.